First Birthday Milestone Photo Session | Gianna Turns ONE

Giana Turns “ONE”

From the day I photographed Giana , I just knew this little girl was going to be a beautiful part of my photography journey. I adore the chance to be a part of photographing a child as they reach important milestones.  I loved everything about Gianna and even more-so, I adore her mom.  There are just some people in this world who are easy to be with and who are genuinely sincere.  I knew my time with Jennifer and her gorgeous baby were special.

Planning A First Birthday Milestone Session

Planning these special first birthday milestone sessions are a lot of fun for everyone!  Jennifer wanted to do gorgeous and timeless photos of her baby girl. No smashed cake or frosting here.  There were so many things to focus on and plan that I didn’t have to think about the messy part.  Don’t get me wrong, smashing a cake is a  right of passage when you hit a big milestone turning one, but my soul loves planning the gorgeous images you want to blow up and plaster all over your walls.

These sessions are pretty easy (strictly referring to the planning of), gorgeous outfit, bonnet or tieback, a little extra touches and that’s all you really need. I always help my clients find a gorgeous outfit from one of my amazingly talented vendors. And my new trade back program helps parents have a custom outfit for their special session but turn it into prints for their home instead of keeping an outfit they will likely not use again.

A Moving Target

So when I wrote above that these sessions were easy to plan… they are. I was clearly focusing on the word “plan”. Because, let’s face it, planning is a lot easier than photographing a moving target!  By baby’s first year, most littles are on the move someway, somehow. Scooting, crawling or even walking makes for a crazy time. Usually by the end of the session, everyone but the baby is exhausted!  I should consider inventing some sort of tacky substance for a tiny tush that they can’t get out of. I use bowls and crates but they seem to last for only a little time since baby is always looking to go somewhere other than where we want her.  It’s definitely a good laugh and Gianna was no exception!

All in all, we had so much fun and had the chance to celebrate this darling little girl… one of my favorites!

photo of one year old baby girl with a lot of negative spacepicture of one year old girl with hands up and smiling at one year photo sessionone year old girl sitting in a bowl in beautiful cream and yellow romper with green and yellow swag in backgroundone year old girl holding flower to match her lace romperONE wood letters held by little girl who just turned one wearing a pink tulle skirt




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