Why Hire Me

If you’re on this page, you’ve already made the decision to hire a professional photographer to capture cherished milestone moments in your life. You know that you want an experience that you cannot achieve on your own.  You realize that these photographs will be a part of telling your story and the stories of your children. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad to help you tell your life story.

Choosing a photographer to capture such a special time of your life is no easy task. With so many options in style, packages and pricing, I completely understand how overwhelming this choice can feel. By now, you’ve probably spent hours researching the latest and greatest gear for your little one and choosing a portrait photographer also needs the same attention. I’m here to help.

Besides being a full-time wife and mother, this is my full-time career. I love what I do and every newborn I am privileged to photograph means something to me. I’m happy to stay up all night, editing, designing albums, wall galleries and placing orders… none of it feels like work to me because the anticipation of making my clients explode with love when they see their final images is all I’ll ever need.

Since 2011, I have specialized in the art of newborn portraiture. I am insured, vaccinated and have trained extensively in newborn posing and safety with some of the most well known portrait artists within my specialty. I have poured my heart and soul into this passion and have made certain that I am well educated and trained so I could provide the best experience and image quality for my clients. This is my passion. This is my “why”. The feeling of helping my clients document this incredibly special time from maternity and family portraits to capturing the fleeting imagery of their days old newborn is indescribable.

I am located in northern New Jersey, in an area where there are many options available to new parents to hire a photographer. There are certainly all different budgets and photographers who offer different packages and pricing, some have just started their journey and are portfolio building and others have many years of education and experience to offer. Some include digital images in their packages and some who only offer products. There are many choices and finding YOUR photographer is an important decision.

I’ve been asked about the expense of portrait photography and I’ve certainly had my share of people requesting I provide them with the same package as another local photographer, most often despite knowing or properly comparing the art, education and experience. So, I’d like to share with you what you will receive with hiring me as your family photographer.

This question is rarely asked of me and I feel it’s one of the most important questions that should be asked by expecting parents and much more important than pricing. We all have a budget to consider but you want to trust that your photographer who will be handling your newborn can calmly soothe and safely pose your new baby during her session. I understand the patience and care needed to pose your precious newborn. So many of my clients who watch me pose and photograph their baby tell me that they never realized just how much was involved with this type of photography. Some clients thought I just laid the baby down and took a picture and never realized just how much skill, care and technical understanding is required.

There are many newborn poses that should only be achieved in a certain way to keep baby safe… with my education and experience over these years, I can assure you that newborn safety is my main focus.

As I mentioned, I’ve invested into the art of photography since 2011. This includes continuing education, equipment (camera, lenses, studio lighting), insurance, memberships, software, props, fabrics, bonnets, tiebacks, flooring and backdrops… all necessary tools of a professional photographer.

Professional portrait photographers don’t just pick up a digital camera and hope for the best. Although professional digital cameras and lenses are our valued tools, knowing how to properly focus, expose, light, enhance use professional editing software and understand composition takes skill and experience.

After years of working with tiny little humans, you can rest comfortably knowing not only is your newborn in good hands, but your gallery will be filled with gorgeous images to be treasured for a lifetime.  If you’d like to read more about safety and the difference of a professional newborn photographer, read my blog post, or click here to book your session …..

I can’t wait to hear from you!

xo, alyssa