7 Day Baby Girl Photo Session – Baby Adalyn


One of the best feelings for me is when a new client comes to me because another client sent them. What it tells me is that they loved their experience and photos of their baby and want someone else to have the same experience and newborn photos to cherish. This is what my business has been built on… I don’t do too much marketing (although I probably should) and hope the love is shared between friends and family. Thank you to all of my clients for sharing me ;)) And thank you Jackie for sending the “M” family to me!


So let’s talk about the prettiest baby girl in my studio. Adalyn was simply adorable and I truly loved photographing her. The photo shoot with Adalyn was so much fun! I was very excited and super eager to use my new posing chair which I have to say is probably one of the cutest pictures of a teeny tiny one I have taken recently! I had nothing to do with her pursing those adorable little lips… that was all Adalyn! She was such a good baby, I could have spent a lot more time with little Ms. Adalyn! I can’t remember exactly but I think I begged Daniella to let me have more time with her… she was really that good for me!

newborn baby girl photo session with multiple poses, fabrics and colors


Naturally, parents want to include their first child into a newborn session and I love the idea and thought of it too! As a parent of two children myself, there isn’t anything quite more beautiful, exciting, and …..daunting. Yes.. daunting. We all know how hard it is to get out of the house with a new baby as it is… and then to think about another child?! yikes.

I always have a parent or grandparent bring the older sibling at the end of a newborn photo session… I have found over the years that it is less stressful for everyone and more importantly, the older child. Less waiting for their shining moment means less anxiety and stress for them which of course means less chance of a breakdown and a happier time for mom and dad.

In comes Christopher… almost 3 years old and a stunning little man. He was a timid little guy and absolutely unsure of what was to come but he and I became fast friends. Cutest little boy and so very sweet when holding his new sister, little Adalyn. I think you would agree that this is the type of shot we all would love to get of our children together for the first time <3. I could have stayed there all day… I think Christopher would have actually let me… he was so incredibly patient and relaxed. loved him!

newborn photo session with older sibling


The very last moment of the day was mom unpacking her preserved wedding dress and looking at me holding it and wondering what I had in mind to photograph her baby girl with it.

Naturally, the first thought I had was diaper or no diaper.. haha! We have a beautifully beaded crisp white wedding gown and a newborn baby girl. How could I possibly conceal a diaper and make the image natural and simple?! We did it folks. Little Adalyn wrapped in white atop of her mommy’s wedding gown and jeweled hair piece. I’m just hoping that this image is shared on Adalyn’s wedding day <3

newborn baby girl photo session with mom's wedding dress

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