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Can my 4 week old newborn baby still have a newborn photo session?

Panic sets in… mom and dad have been so busy preparing for their upcoming bundle of joy that they neglected to plan their newborn photo session. Then, once baby arrives, they are overwhelmed by loving and caring for their newborn baby.  More time goes by without those precious pictures.

I get this type of phone call often… am I too late? Can I no longer get those special images of my baby?  How could I tell them that their newborn child is too old for something… makes no sense, right?  After all, he is only a 4 week old newborn baby!


3 week old baby boy wrapped in navy on a navy backdrop simply posed by Alyssa Joy Photography


The “science” behind a newborn photo session

If you have not yet experienced how a newborn photo session works than I am sure you have lots of questions and possibly expect things to go smoothly.  Your newborn baby sleeps all the time, right? When swaddled, right?  Well, not exactly during their photo session. They are newborns, after all. And if you want those incredibly darling tush pictures, then diaper has to come off and you now get a better idea of the “risks” of being a newborn photographer!  All kidding aside… let’s talk about the “older” newborn.

Posing takes time and patience whether the baby is 5 days old or 4 weeks old. When you have an older baby visit you, however, they are much more aware of your touch and their surroundings.  Since they have now had more time to stretch their tiny limbs post-womb, they likely won’t enjoy some of the “newborn” poses either. Having the experienced and educated photographer here is worth every penny.  So, when potential client calls me worried that their 4 week old newborn is too old and they have missed their chance for once-in-a-lifetime photos of their baby, I calmly refer them to my many “older” newborn baby galleries I have photographed. Including, Anzor.


baby boy 3 weeks old newborn photo in simple pose with arms up laying on navy fabric Alyssa Joy Photography


Anzor – 4 weeks “old”

When Anzor’s grandmother called me (owner of the Little Gym/Wayne the little gym/wayne and Doula yourbirthwingsdoula) she was so excited to gift a newborn session to her daughter who was having her first baby.  She decided on my new newborn mini session.  She then let me know that little Anzor was already 3 weeks old!  I have to say that I was a bit taken aback… knowing that we would have to schedule his session next week and prepare a one hour MINI session with a 4 week old would definitely test my abilities.  I prepared her for the challenges we would face but was excited to give them the gift of these incredibly special photos. Clients are never turned away because their newborn baby was too “old”. I just prepare them for what to expect.

Anzor’s big day!

It was such a nice day getting to know Kathy and Brooke, Anzor’s mom. Everyone was so calm and relaxed and it made the session that much more special. Anzor was just as I expected, incredibly sensitive to my touch.  It was difficult to pose him or even touch his little hands so that I could see all 10 teeny tiny fingers. Sometimes, you just fall back on the simplest and most natural posing and let the baby get comfortable.  But… I’m still a detail person and I still need to touch the baby!

All in all, we were able to get gorgeous photographs of this little man. Priceless images that they will forever cherish. What meant the most to me is something Kathy said as she was leaving.  “You really are an artist and you really know what the baby needed”.  Her comment spoke volumes to me because I have devoted years of training, education and love to this art and she acknowledged that in one simple sentence.

I adore these sessions and feel so lucky to be able to do this for new parents and their families. Newborn photography is such a speciality and I’m over the moon excited that I’m a part of telling a story of a brand new person in this great big world.

black and white image of 4 week old newborn baby boy side profile Alyssa Joy Photography


photo of baby boy 4 weeks old on navy blue in matching wrap and bonnet by Alyssa Joy Photography


one month old newborn boy smiling in newborn photo session Alyssa Joy Photography






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