Newborn Mini Photo Session | Baby Ayaan – 8 days old

Newborn Mini Photo Session

Throughout the years of being a newborn photographer in New Jersey, I have snuggled many precious little ones.  By the end of a full session though, it is obvious that I just endured a three or four hour photography session! You’ll definitely see me walk a little slower and try and straighten out my back a little more than usual.  As funny as it sounds, newborn baby photo sessions are labor intensive. Lots of swaying, shooshing and bending for a looooong time.  So, if one would happen to have a “40 something” body (just sayin), then one might feel it a little bit more than the average “joe”. ha!

Now…let me introduce you to the newly offered Newborn Mini Session. In speaking with prospective clients, many new parents wanted a more budget friendly option while still receiving gorgeous images of their baby.  Since I would love to offer newborn photo sessions to everyone, I knew I needed to make a mini session available to my clients.

I certainly know what it is to be a new parent and all the expenses that come along with your precious new bundle of joy. Your home changes and is now filled with everything “baby”. There are new things you didn’t even know a tiny little person would need but then you find yourself running to the baby store just to get it. Anything to make your new life a little easier and to give you a chance at a couple extra winks before feeding time again.

One Hour Happiness

My Newborn Mini Session is perfect… one hour of your baby on my beanbag and natural posing with gorgeously soft fabrics.  I absolutely adore this time and being able to give these images to my clients. To me, nothing is more beautiful than your newborn baby photographed in their most natural way. And.. it can certainly be done in one hour… proof below 😉

Meet Ayaan – 8 days old

I can happily say that little Ayaan was my very first newborn boy to take advantage of my newly offered mini session!  This little guy was challenging.  Ayaan did not want me to touch or move his hands which is kind of crucial in newborn posing. I love little fingers and toes and I will take as long as possible to get them to show… at least try my hardest.  But that is also the beauty of natural posing. Through these images, parents can remember how their baby was and how they kept their little fingers tucked in. I always love hearing parents express to me during a session about what their baby already likes.. how they pucker their lips or hold their hands.

I’m writing this post a few months past little Ayaan’s newborn photography session and smile knowing that the one hour Neha and her family spent with me gave them these gorgeous photos of her newborn son. They change so fast, it’s so special to be able to capture such an unbelievable moment.


black and white image of baby boy on white backdrop alyssa joy photography

baby boy tucked in on white backdrop with a little smile portrait orientation of newborn baby boy sleeping on white background by Alyssa Joy Photography
photo of baby boy laying on his back with white fabric naturally posed by Alyssa Joy Photography



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