Rainbow Baby Newborn Photography Session | Owen

I think by now, it’s well known that I love what I do. I have the chance to be a part of such an enormous life change for new parents. It’s my “why” and I adore it.

Little Owen was a special baby before he even made his entrance into this world. Jamie and I spoke on the phone, planning her session and she shared with me that Owen was her rainbow baby. I was super excited for them! You could just hear the love in her voice when she spoke about him and the anticipation of his arrival.

8 day old Newborn Baby Owen – The Photo session

As you have read from me in the past, not all newborns love being photographed.  Being naked and on display is likely not what they planned for one of their first days on earth.  It takes patience to comfort and pose them, not something that can be rushed. And, even despite keeping my home studio warm and and cozy and doing all of the little things I take pride in to soothe them to sleep, baby Owen just wasn’t interested.

We had a lot planned for Owen’s first photos. It was holiday time and Jamie had the cutest little outfit for him in hopes to use for her holiday card. There was a lot of conversation of all the fun we would have with him… that is, if HE wanted to share in the fun 🙂  Owen had other plans.  It’s possible that little Owen was one of the most challenging little ones I’ve worked with. But, would you even be able to tell from seeing his darling photos?

We were all a little exhausted from the day in trying to get that perfect holiday card photo.  But, the most important thing is that they have this little bundle of joy they get to call their son. Having precious pictures of baby Owen at only 8 days old is something incredibly special.

So… all-in-all with a little extra patience and love, mom and dad have gorgeous pictures of their darling rainbow baby boy.

newborn baby boy with eskimo hat on white fabric by Alyssa Joy Photographyblack and white photo of newborn baby boy on back wrapped in fabricside laying newborn baby boy naturally posed by Alyssa Joy Photographyphoto of rainbow baby's feet painted in rainbow colors by Alyssa Joy Photographyphoto of newborn baby boy wrapped in gray fabric on white simply posednewborn baby boy in taco pose on white fabric backdrop Alyssa Joy Photographynewborn baby boy posed in crate with winter blanket and eskimo bonnet





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