Not All Newborn Photographers Are Created Equal

The Missing Question

Not all newborn photographers are created equal. I have to say, this topic is a hot one for me. And if you know me well and/or have been my client, you understand how passionate I am about this.

I receive a lot of phone calls from prospective clients looking for information on my newborn portrait sessions.  It’s such a wonderful time and planning your baby’s first photo shoot is part of the excitement. I love answering all the “fun” questions, but what is missing from every single new mom or dad’s list of questions to ask are the “real” questions.  The important ones. I am proud to share my background and how I understand how to safely handle your brand new baby, but no one ever asks.

Not all newborn photographers are the same.

Price over Safety?

I think you know where I’m going with this. We all need to consider personal budgets especially when adding a luxury such as photography to the endless list of things you need. This can be quite overwhelming. I get it, I am a mother of 2 and have gone through all of this. It’s amazing how much one little person actually needs.  And when you are shopping for baby’s crib, you make certain that the width of each slat in the crib meet all the safety guidelines and examine everything you purchase so your baby is safe and you can sleep at night knowing you’ve protected her.  And in deciding between 2 cribs, one being sturdier or safer than the other, I think I know which a new mom or dad would choose, even if it meant spending a few extra bucks. Safety first, am I right?

Not All Newborn Photographers Are Created Equal

Last year, I had a mom-to-be tell me that even though she loved my work she had to choose another photographer based on price alone. It happens and that’s okay, however, choosing a newborn photographer by only considering price makes me queasy. There are a lot of newborn photographers to choose from at all different price points and at all different levels of their career… and ability.  This new mom ended up calling me weeks after her baby was born… in tears. She asked if I could photograph her now “older” newborn since the photographer she originally chose obviously did not understand newborn safety and her newborn baby fell from a prop. Seriously. Fell from a prop. This is serious, folks.

Thanks goodness her baby was okay, but I wasn’t.  It really alerted me to what is happening in the newborn photography world and how people are deciding which photographer to choose. There are so many new photographers “trying out” poses on newborns. Without proper training, certain poses cannot be recreated without understating how they are achieved. Not everyone knows this and understands how to properly pose a newborn baby.

What To Consider

Newborn Photography is very different than all other genres of photography. We capture gorgeous images as other photographers do. But, we are also responsible for safely handling, soothing, and posing your newborn baby while also capturing her beauty.  Newborn photography is a specialty. The photographer you consider should be able to speak with you about the training they have and speak about the safety practices they follow in order to achieve those precious images of a newborn baby.

Since newborn photography is unregulated, this is where you must do your research and spend the time exploring the market for a photographer who has worked with hundreds of newborns and clearly knows how to safely and comfortably pose and care for your baby. A good newborn photographer will also have techniques to settle and comfort the most unsettled newborn.

Lastly, the cost for newborn portraiture can vary greatly. It is important to remember, however, that the right photographer is operating a legal registered business. She is insured and is technically trained and educated. There are numerous expenses involved in running a business and providing the best care and experience for you. All of these factors are part of what you’re paying for, not just in the time your photographer is with you and capturing your memories.  Often you will find the least expensive photographer is also the least experienced one.

I encourage you sort through the hundreds of photographers and narrow down to a photographer who specializes in newborns. One who has many years of experience working with infants with positive reviews and can even provide you with references. Your new baby deserves it.

baby boy posed on blue fabric in froggy poseThis photo is a composite, which means that two images were taken and combined together in post production. The safe way to achieve this pose.

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