Photographing Your Newborn Baby At Home During Covid-19

Create Your Own Newborn Portraits At Home

We have found ourselves in the most uncertain of times. So much of our world is scary now. I try to imagine the added emotion of preparing to bring a baby into this chaotic world. Everything you’ve planned for has changed. I’ve sat here quietly, wondering what is next for me, for them, for us.

I thought so much about how I could help my clients photograph their newborn babies on their own. We know that time passes quickly and these little ones change so fast – this moment deserves to be documented. But at the same time, it has taken me over 8 years of training and constant education to be able to safely pose and photograph newborns – how will I be able to help new parents do this on their own? How can I help them capture these moments in a special way? I want so much to be able to do it for them. I miss your babies so much.

After receiving many Emails of DIY newborn pictures from my clients who have attempted these photos on their own, I thought a little more about what I can do for them. I put aside my perfectionist ways and although the experience may not be the same, they will be just as beautiful. These images are heirlooms and they spotlight this unusual time in your lives.

The Basics

  • Natural light is everything. Search your home to find a large window (preferably floor length) or door with indirect, soft light or use sheer curtains to diffuse. You want to position your baby to the side of the window light – watch how the light falls down your baby’s face. And remember, turn off all artificial light.
  • Setting the scene can be simple. Do you own a basket or bowl large enough for baby to comfortably fit? Search your home for textured rugs and fabrics, greenery, fresh flowers you just received to welcome baby. My all time favorite pose is baby laying on her back with her arms gently beside her head – sleeping peacefully. Use comforters to provide comfort and top with a simple and neutral fabric. Drape fabric gently over baby’s chest as if you’re tucking them in for their nap.
  • Swaddle. We all know this is an art in itself. Don’t worry about achieving professional swaddling – just try to keep it simple and neat. You’ll want to use a fabric with some stretch but remember, you’re not looking for perfection, you are documenting your baby’s first few days… messy swaddle and all. It tells your story.
  • Keep it simple. It has taken me many years to safely pose newborns so feel good knowing it’s okay to skip the complicated poses. Laying your baby on his or her back is best. You can always use a receiving blanket underneath the fabric supporting their head to raise their head a bit and bring focus to their face.
  • Be present. Enjoy this moment photographing your baby. Hand off your camera to whomever you are being quarantined with so they can capture you and your baby. Sit on the bed or coach and ask them to capture feeding or bath time. These are them moments you’ll remember and the story you’ll be able to tell.

tucked in baby boy holding brown bear | Alyssa Joy Newborn Photography | New Jersey

tucked in newborn boy yawning wrapped in white during baby photography session with Alyssa Joy

newborn baby girl swaddled in cream wrap with cream bonnet in basket with flokati

lifestyle newborn session parents holding smiling baby boy

photography of springfield bride planning details before wedding day

Lastly, have fun and enjoy your time together. Please don’t hesitate to connect with me if you need any additional help! Thanks so much for your love and support!


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