Newborn Baby Girl Lifestyle Photo Session | Alexandra Arrives

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

I was really excited when Roselyn called me to give the good news that they had a baby GIRL and they wanted me to come to their home for a lifestyle newborn session.  Most of my clients prefer posed studio-type photos of their baby which I love but I also adore lifestyle images.  It’s such a unique way to document such a monumental moment in your life. Being able to capture pictures of how life truly is, in your own home is so special.  Each and every lifestyle session by its nature will be unique. All the little details are just so precious.  I secretively wish I had this done when I had my little ones.  These images move me… they say so much in one picture.

The Day….

When I arrived at Roselyn and Mark’s home in Scotch Plains, NJ, I was greeted with such love and beauty. See… when I became a new mother 11 years ago (wow), I would greet our friends and family coming to visit our baby with my standard pink sweatpants and matching hoodie.  Hair was up in a messy ponytail… always. Maybe I swiped on some lipgloss and mascara… that would be about the most I was capable of doing in our first week of figuring out life with a newborn baby.

So…. when Roselyn and and Mark greeted me dressed in white and linen and every curl Roselyn had was perfectly formed, I could barely believe I was at the right home… the one with a week old newborn in it!

Everything was perfect… their home was lovely and they were calm and looking forward to our time together.  The only one that didn’t quite get the message of her time in the spotlight was little Ms. Alexandra (….and maybe the fox running wild outside who created quite the stir). Yes.. she may have challenged me at times, but she is such a gorgeous baby girl… you couldn’t help but fall in love.  The nursery was so beautiful and peaceful and so glad we were able to spend time there capturing all the thoughtful details!  I’m happy to share some favorites… there are many but here are just a few!

image of new mom holding baby girl wrapped in pink by window in home

black and white photo of new dad feeding a bottle to newborn baby girl

black and white image of new father holding newborn baby girl lifestyle session

photo of nursery with mom and dad sitting on rocker holding baby in the background
detail picture of newborn baby's crib and religious medallion hanging in crib

picture of baby's nursery shot through shutters by window lifestyle newborn portrait session

picture of mom standing holding and feeding new baby girl in new nursery
mom holding newborn baby girl in nursery with dad in the background looking on Alyssa Joy Photography





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