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Red Headed Baby Boy in Blue

A couple of years ago, Colleen & Matt visited my home studio with their little girl, Mackenzie.  Her newborn portrait session was a lot of fun since their two dogs were part of her session. Fast forward two years and now it’s baby Jack’s turn! Jack arrived 6 weeks early and was absolutely perfect. How could you not fall in love with that face and his amazing red hair?

This time, though, their dogs didn’t join us but their big sister sure did! At least the pups were represented in a cute little hat Colleen brought along with her.

I believe Jack was one of the first babies I posed in the froggy pose. There is a lot of training and knowledge that goes into posing a newborn safely. And this pose requires a sleepy baby and a lot of patience. It also requires an extra set of hands to achieve and the final result happens after my client leaves and I’m in front of my computer.  I think he looks delicious with his little cheeks.

Including Siblings

The most important thing to consider as a photographer when posing a young sibling with a new baby is safety. If there is too much excitement and she can’t sit still, then I always have a back-up plan. My goal is to ensure mom and dad get that most anticipated photo of their babies together all while keeping baby’s safety in mind.

As you can see from the picture below, Mackenzie was so happy to a part of her baby brother’s photo session. Her jewelry selections were super important to her, which I loved. There was no convincing her to remove them, even though Colleen tried. But, what I love most about that is it captures who she is at that fleeting moment in time. And that is absolutely what this is all about.


red headed baby boy in froggy posered headed baby boy wrapped in blue wrap and bonnet laying on white background black and white photo of baby laying in a basket with blankets on wood floorphoto of top half and side view of red headed baby boy wrapped in dark blue

photo of baby boy newborn portrait session wearing a puppy hat with big sister


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