One Week Old Newborn Baby Girl With Dog | Dylan

My Newborn Baby Girl is One Week Old… Now What?

Easy for me to answer… you come for a newborn photo shoot!  There is nothing I can think of that is more gorgeous than a newborn baby and when a new mom and dad choose me to capture this once in a lifetime moment, well, I am completely honored to be part of it.  And then, when it’s for a friend, it’s even more special… if that is even possible.

Seriously… If you have been following me at all, you know that I adore newborn photo sessions.  Everything about working with newborn babies is wonderful and beautiful. And, completely unexpected. There are “plans” when I go into a session but we all know who is in charge of it.  And to see new parents sit and stare in awe of their little bundle of joy is just something I love to share in.

From the first phone call I had with Marni and Adam… I knew we were going to really enjoy our time together.  And seriously… how gorgeous is little Dylan? She was such a tiny beautiful girl and her big fur brother, Charlie made is appearance too!  Everything about this family is beautiful and I feel blessed to have been a part of Dylan’s arrival in my small way.

Bringing the Furry Sibling

I get asked this question at times …. “Can we bring our dog?”  Well, of course, they are your first child, after all.  I love it… dogs are always welcome at sessions… I think it’s adorable and super fun too.  Sometimes, it works out easily and other times, I have to get creative and shoot for a composite later since safety of all newborn babies is most important to me. Not much compares though to a newborn shot with a dog who now knows life has changed but hearts have grown bigger too!



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