Wide Awake Newborn Photo Session | 18 Days Old

Wide Awake Newborn Photo Session

I received such a nice referral from an amazing photographer friend of mine who had photographed this mom’s wedding.  Leaha is the owner and artist of Popography. Her documentary wedding style is like no other and even better, she’s so much fun to be around. Check out her website and give her some love http://popography.org

When Danielle and I spoke, she told me that her little guy was almost 3 weeks old. I took a little {deep} breath and welcomed the challenge of a unlikely-to-soothe little man. So I introduce to you Carmine…who wouldn’t settle for a minute but is the most gorgeous baby.

As with any older newborn photo session, I always prepare the parents on what to expect. There is a reason most newborn photographers prefer newborns within the first 14 days after birth. When they are just born, they are still in a birth coma, so to speak. All the squishy poses are achievalbe since they just spent the last 9 months squished up in utero. Makes perfect sense.  And with every day that passes, they become more familiar with schedules, people and touch. This can be quite the challenge for a newborn photographer since all we do is touch and pose them.

Now add that I’m a complete perfectionist when I photograph newborns. I am uber detail oriented which means that every tiny finger needs to be in the right place. Try doing that with an awake baby. Doesn’t sound easy? It’s not.

Wrap Him Up

It didn’t take me long to realize Carmine was going to make my job hard. So, what is one to do but wrap him up! This should make him feel a little more content, I had hoped. It did, slightly. It was just his day to be in control. But at least he gave me a smirky little smile in the bottom photo. I can’t tell if he’s actually happy or laughing at me knowing he was the boss. Either way, we love you, Carmine.

photo of 18 day old baby boy wrapped in beige wrap with eyes opennewborn baby boy laying in round bowl on gray rug smiling

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