What to Wear

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “what to wear” to your session! I always suggest wearing clothing that everyone feels like themselves in since wearing uncomfortable and awkward clothing makes you feel….. well, uncomfortable and awkward!

Coordinating is much more fun than matching! For a sibling or family session, I love working with colors that complement and don’t blend into each other… little pops of color bring so much life into a photograph.

Adding patterns are fun but do try to stay away from large prints.  If someone is wearing a print, I would stay away from anyone else wearing a competing pattern and always stay away from logos.

For a family session, I find that the easiest place to start with is YOU! Once you decide on your own outfit, pull out the coordinating colors for everyone else. This will make things much simpler and less stressful 😉

Also keep in mind that although clothing reflects your style today, I would try not to be too trendy so your images stay timeless.  However, if your son can’t go anywhere without wearing his favorite shirt or your daughter is always holding her favorite teddy bear… bring them along for the fun… it’s much more fun to capture who these little people are NOW!

Your session is all about having fun! Children love planning for their time in front of the lens. Feel free to bring or wear anything that represents you individually and as a family and with everyone participating …. we’re sure to get more smiles!